Three years after their first code, Bruntsfield adopt this new version, based on the Leith Code of 1775.
I do not know what curious device the writers had in mind in Rule 2.
A forecaddie here is referred to as a 'forerunner'.
Although there will not be any putting greens for another 36 years, there is an initial recognition that a stroke to be played within four or five club lengths of the hole is 'putting'.
Relief at the cost of one stroke from excrement - human or bovine.
A new concept: Lost ball=lost hole. This was the rule in match play until 1920.

Amendments in 1790 include a distance only penalty for lost ball, and adoption of the six-inch rule for lifting another ball.

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Rules to be observed in the Play of Golf by the Company of Golfers
which meet at Thomas Combs, Bruntsfield links
20 July 1776

1.  In playing you must Tee your Ball not nearer the Hole than Two Club lengths, nor further from it than Four.

2.  Your Tee must be upon the ground and unconnected with any Conductor or leader to the Ball.

3.  You must not alter, lift or change the Ball which you strike off the Tee until the hole is played out, or given up.

4.   You must not remove stones, bones or any other break club in order to play your Ball, except upon the fair green.

5.   If your Balls are found anywhere touching one another, you are to lift the first (Ball) until the other be played and then lay it back on the same spot of ground, and in the same situation as nearly as possible.

6.   If your Ball is stopped by the forerunner or by any other person not of your party, it must be played where it lies, but if it is stopped by your adversary, his Cadie or servant, he must lose one for every such stopping.

7.  If your Ball lies in water you may, upon losing one, take it out, throw it over your head, behind the water and play it with any club you please; but if it be in the Meadow Ditch it must be played where it lies.

8.  If your Ball lies amongst Human Ordure, Cow Dung or any such nuisance on the fair green, you may, upon losing one, lift it, throw it over your head, behind the nuisance and play it with any club you please.

9.  If your Ball lies in the Quarries’ Pipe Track, or amongst the whins it must be played as it lies, without removing stones, bones or any other break Club, or altering in the least, the situation of the whins either growing or loose.

10.  If you lose your Ball, you lose the Hole.

11.  If your Ball falls into any of the Short Holes made for the practice of putting, you may lift it out, throw it over your head behind that hole and play it with any club you please.

12.  When your Ball comes within four or five Club lengths from the hole to which you are playing, you must not mark, or cause to be marked, the direction to the hole, nor must any person whatever stand at the hole to point out or to do any other thing to assist you in putting.

13.  All Disputes arising between Parties on the Green, are to be determined by the Captain and any two or more of the Council.

The foregoing Rules were upon the 20th day of July 1776 considered, agreed to and approven, by the Companies Quarterly Meeting.

On 2 July 1790 the following Regulations were passed into Law:-

1.  That when any person having played his Ball, loses the same he shall go back to the place from which he played and shall thereby lose only one stroke, viz: - that stroke by which his Ball was lost.

2.  That every person shall have it in his power to play his Ball in any direction he chuses, either upon his Adversary's Ball or otherwise, but if the one Ball lies betwixt the other and the hole and within six inches of each other, it shall be in the power of either party to cause the Ball next the hole be lifted until the other is played, and if any person shall strike his Adversary's Ball with his Club it shall be in the power of the person whose Ball was so struck to replace the same in its former situation.

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