Crail is a small fishing village in Fife, about 10 miles (16km) south of St Andrews.
Apparently, Crail played the sea alongside the course as a lateral water hazard.
Loose impediments may only be moved when playing with a 'timber' club, but not with an iron.
A Mutchken is an old Scottish measure equivalent to approximately pint (425 ml).

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Regulations enacted for the Good Government of Crail Golfing Society
23 Feby, 1786

That all Balls are to be teed within three club lengths of the Hole.

That if one Ball shall lie within the full sea mark it shall be in the option of the party either to play his Ball as it shall lie, or take it out, lose a stroke, and tee it on the Green.

That the party to play must declare before he removes any Stones whether he is to play as his Ball shall lie or take it out and lose a stroke.

That the Party to play may remove stones or other Break clubs when he is to play with a Timber club; but if he is to play with an iron club no incumbrances are to be removed, except only in the case of putting, when the party to play shall have liberty to use what club he chuses and remove incumbrances.

That three rounds of the Links shall decide all matches, except the parties shall have previously agreed to go more or less, and in the case of an equality that one hole or one round more as the parties shall agree must be played to determine the Match, and in case any one of the parties refuses to play such hole or round he must pay the fines of the Match.

No sand is to be taken out of any hole except the play holes under the penalty of one mutchken of punch, every member to be answerable for his caddie. It is also enacted that no Member is to break the ground on the teeing of his ball from the hole either with the shaft of his club or any other instrument whatever under the above penalty.

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