Society of Golfers at Aberdeen now known as Royal Aberdeen Golf Club.
First definition of Putting Green, being within 15 yards of the hole.
Different penalty for lost ball if driven off the ordinary course (i.e. out of bounds) in stroke play.
Penalty for breach of etiquette, giving the offended player a free stroke.
Hitting an opponent's ball gave him the option of either playing the ball where it lies without counting the stroke or to replace the ball.

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Adopted 7 October 1815

1.  No sand to be taken for teeing within ten yards of the hole. The Tee must be placed on the ground not nearer than four yards of the hole.

2.  The party playing off is not to be followed by another party until a full stroke distant, nor to be played upon when holing.

3.  The opposite party must not any time interrupt the player by walking about, speaking to or standing in his way, under the penalty of a stroke in the player's favour, or playing the stroke again at his option.

4.  The ball farthest from the hole must be first played.

5.  All strokes aimed at the ball must count, whether the ball be hit or not, even if in striking the club should break.

6.  A ball cannot be changed between holes without consent of both parties, and if either party play the wrong ball, it shall be optional for the other either to hold the stroke for himself, or take the ball and play it as he pleases within a yard of the place it was struck from, and play it again.

7.  The player shall at all times have it in his power to lift his ball from a hazard upon losing a stroke; he must, however, retire to any distance he pleases directly behind the hazard; then, fronting the hole to which he is playing, drop the ball over the back of his head, which must then be played however it lies.

8.  If a ball lies in water, it may be taken out and dropped behind, as in the preceeding Rule, and played with an iron; no penalty.

9.  Should a ball be lost, it must be reckoned a lost hole, and no longer than 5 minutes to be allowed for finding a ball.

10.  In playing out of sand or loose ground, the player shall neither beat down nor draw away the sand or soil from the ball, nor shall the player through the green beat down or alter the ground about the ball before playing, under penalty of one stroke.

11.  All break clubs may be removed within 12 feet of the player, but if his ball in consequence drop into a hole, it must be played or lose one. Turf is no break club.

12.  If a ball is by accident stopped or impelled upon the green, it must be played where it lies, but if stopped by either of the parties playing, it is a lost hole to the party stopping.

13.  When the balls lie within six inches of one another, the ball nearest the hole to be lifted until the other is played. When a party of three is playing an interposing ball is at all times to be lifted.

14.  At holing the player is not to mark the direction to the hole; he is to play honestly for the hole and never play on his adversary's ball not lying in his way; but all loose impediments may be removed on the putting green, which is declared to be 15 yards from the hole all around, and should either ball go into any hole within this distance it may be taken out and played with an iron from the back of it. No penalty.

Any disputes during the play shall be determined by the Captain, or one of the Councillors present.

MADE 4 MAY 1816

1.  That any ball lying in the way of another, may be removed if required by the adversary.

2.  That the Candidates shall play two and two, to be drawn for by lot.

3.  In case of a lost ball, another may be substituted if in the fair course, without any penalty, but if driven off the ordinary ground another may be dropped in its place, as near as possible to the place where the ball was lost, and the player to lose one stroke.

The medal to be delivered to the successful Candidate by the Captain and he is to wear the same on all public occassions of the Club, under an award of half a crown.

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