The Leith links

Here is Rule 14 from the 1775 Gentleman Golfers' Code, explaining the stipulated round:
In playing, you are to strike off from the Braehead-hole, and play from it to the Sawmill, for the First Hole; from the Sawmill to the North Mid-hole, for the Second Hole; to the east Hole for the Third; to the South Mid-hole, for the Fourth; and to the Thorntree-Hole, for the Fifth, where the First Round ends; and every other Round is to begin at the Thorntree-Hole, playing from that to the Sawmill-hole, and from thence to the North mid-hole, etcetera, as above, until you come again to the Thorntree-hole, where every Round ends.

Card of the Course at Leith

Hole No Length before 1821 Length After 1821
1 414 325
2 461 407
3 426 426
4 495 495
5 435 435
Total 2231 2088

links map
Photo courtesy of Nick Hocking

The Leith Links today, a municipal park.

Photos courtesy of Neal Dougherty

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